Leies WinMobile Chinese Core |Smartphone & Standard

Just for View Chinese. I found there’s some problems for other packs, Internet Explorer Can’t read any CHT/CHS/JAP Webpage..Regionals Settings can’t choose some countries .

So I try my best with lack of resources, Finally I did followings : All Support Viewing CHT/CHS/JAP both in System, Internet Explorer .

Snapshot for Regionals Settings :

Snapshot for IE Encode Settings :

Here’s the Snapshot for MingLiu

Sunglobe Snapshot

MS 雅黑體 Snapshot :

Snapshot for other Lang


Finally .. How I work without the “REAL” SP Phone ?


disclaimer |

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download |

Pick One !

1) Leies Chinese[MingLiu+NLS].cab <- Click to Download
MS細明體 Fonts (AAC) + Wince.nls + Registry only

2) Leies Chinese[Sunglobe+NLS].cab <- Click to Download
CE-Star Fonts + Wince.nls + Registry only

3) Leies Chinese[YaHei+NLS].cab <- Click to Download
MS 雅黑體 + Registry Only
Make Sure you have 14MB+ to install MS 雅黑體 Fonts !!

installation |

First of all, you may need to unlock your device, I found one that works..

Download : SDA_ApplicationUnlock

1) Download and Extract
2) Sync with MS Activesync
3) Run SDA_ApplicationUnlock
4) Click “Remove Lock”
5) Reset your SP and DONE !!!
After Unlock, you can install anything !

Snapshot for SDA_ApplicationUnlock

After Unlock, Copy the pack to your device, and then Click on it, after install, you need to restart your device.