Leies SIP Tweak

Leies SIP Tweak contain 2 programs , 2 functions .

1) Choose Startup SIP
2) Hide unuse SIP


download |

Download Here


installation |

MUST install in MAIN MEMORY !


usage |

It contains two parts,

1. Default SIP Changer (In Start -> Program)
It use for changing SIP at startup , it’s safe even choosing wrong SIP/IME , cause it just change by Startup (Soft Reset), NOT changing in Registry.
* 英 : You CAN set Monster/CE-Star/Penpower for default SIP here ONLY !!
* 中 : 你可以在這設定 Monster/CE-Star/Penpower 為 Default SIP !!

2. Hide or Appear and Rename SIP (In Control Panel) ????? !!!
You can see in “Control Panel”, there’s a setting in “System” tab called “G4 SIP Hide”, You may choose which SIP/IME hide or appear and rename a SIP in “SIP Settings” Tab. Please care about the key of “Make Default” here, cause it’ll WRITE into REGISTRY, you’ll need to hard reset if choosing wrong here .
* 英 : You CANNOT (不能!!) set Monster/CE-Star/Penpower for default by clicking “Make Default” here!!
* 中 : 你不能在這設定 Monster/CE-Star/Penpower ? Default SIP !! 請小心設定 !!!
* DO NOT Untick “Keyboard”, it’s your default SIP in Registry, Unticking “Keyboard” that you’ll need to hard reset .

This two programs are hacked from :

1.SIP Startup Changer - hacked from Fitaly

2.G4 SIP Hide - hacked from Pocket Tweak

I’m sorry about hacking those softwares , but it’s very useful after hacking it