G4 IME Pack for PDA

This pack contain 3 Parts, after testing, it support :

- WWE/CHT/CHS QVGA rom [Will have problem if VGA]
- WM5, WM6 Professional, [NOT support Standard/SP]
- 倉頡,速成,筆畫數,英文,手寫輸入法

* Not tested with other Chinese Core like CE-Star/Monster

1) L’s Chinese[MingLiu].cab
If you’re using WWE Rom, MUST install this pack for view Chinese, this pack will install NLS and Fonts to your unit.

2) G4TeamIME.CAB
倉頡,速成, 筆畫數, 合一輸入法 (改自香港政府版) , 已有香港字.

3) Leies手寫輸入.cab
This is 手寫輸入法, (改自3星…) 測試過後, 發現不錯 ! 可寫繁/簡.

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Pick one !

Chinese System + G4 IME
L’s Chinese[MingLiu] + G4TeamIME.CAB

G4 IME Only