Leies Chinese Language Extension for WM6.0

 Ripped from Official CHT/CHS rom,  this is official Chinese Kernel with Input Method.

MUST read my notes before you install íK

- Two Versions , CHT and CHS
- Use WM05 Orginial IME
- Support Hardware Keyboard
- Fonts can be changed by using my Fonts CAB*

* It's some problems when you delete the fonts after changing. So I suggested , if you like to change the fonts, please leave me a message and told me which fonts that you like, I can repack for you .

Note For VGA user : If you use OZVGA in the main time, please install QVGA version. and Hand Write must not work, so I've ripped out already, you may use my pack for HTC Universal and If you like to use handwrite, here's CE-Star's Penpower rip .

download |

CHT Version :

CHS Version :
Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1 [Use Askual's PingYin + M$ Handwrite]
Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 2 [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite]
Leies CLE CHS VGA [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite]

Install Method:

Others Fonts Download :
UniFonts <íV I'm using this.
Monster Chinese

installation |

If you using non HTC machine, please install Leies CLE , then install IME_ENABLER (included in rar) , Reset and Finish.

* Remember ! If you like to uninstall, you MUST change back to Keyboard by Use my G4 SIP Tweak, I suggested perform a hardreset íK better than UninstallíK